When I finally let go of my 1999 Toyota Corolla I wanted to document my impressions of the car. The good and bad. A real consumer’s report, where I was the consumer. Reviewing a car, that my wife and I purchased brand new from a Toyota dealership (Vimont Toyota in Laval Quebec Canada) in 1999. It was our primary car until about 2013/14 . At that point in time it became our secondary car. My son learned how to drive manual on it! And when I let it go, it was still running on the original clutch. I hope you enjoy the video!
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major repairs: exhaust manifold was changed. (in the back of engine!)
throttle cable rusted and broke – the complete unit was changed
because the mechanic couldn’t reattach the new cable!
accident-ed twice: hit by the back while stopped because someone was too busy on their phone! seriously!!
and hit and run on front driver side fender- when a car turned too quickly into my street and slid into my car-pushing it up against the sidewalk with enough force to bend the rim on the passenger side wheel. (turned out that a witness saw the whole thing and identified the other driver as, are you ready for this? my neighbor!!


I’m a little late in publishing some of my pics from the 2016 Autorama car show. It’s been three years now that John Scotti and East Coast Carz put on an exceptional show at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. As usual the cars are all top notch works of art. This year I lucked out and received a free pass to the show. That put a huge smile on my face! I strongly suggest to anyone who has a love for classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, modified cars, etc… to attend this show, you won’t be disappointed!

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Autorama 2016

Autorama 2016

Once again John Scotti and East Coast Carz put on an exceptional show. The cars were all top notch works of art. I truly enjoyed this show. I strongly suggest to anyone who has a love for classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, modified cars, etc… to attend this show, you won’t be disappointed!

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Mustang Mach 1

Mustang Mach 1



Autorama 2015 John Scotti  east coast carz

Autorama 2015
John Scotti
East Coast Carz

We recently had the misfortune of having to make an insurance claim on our car. My wife had a fender bender! Nothing serious, no one got hurt but both cars needed repair. When dealing with the insurance company however, some bad memories came back. Years ago, my wife and I got hit while stopped on the auto route. Traffic had come to a standstill, but a distracted driver, who may have been on her phone, didn’t even notice that everyone was stopped and drove into the car behind me, who in turn slammed into the left side of the rear bumper. Fortunately again, no one was injured. The three cars involved where not so lucky.
Back then, just like now, the insurance company suggested the garage that we were to take our car to have it repaired. They claimed that the repair would be done faster, better, and that the job would be guaranteed for the life of the vehicle. Needless to say I took their advice. The garage in question was in the industrial park close to our home. They did not even have a courtesy car to give us! They did however do a great job and I had the car back within a week. Or so it seemed…
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carcazybiker 1999 Toyota Corolla

Had the chance to photograph my friend’s 67 Pontiac GTO. The car just came out of the shop, having gone through some cool mods. First the dash was changed. All gauges were updated with autometer gauges. The dash itself was painted blue with a carbon fiber finish. The air intake got the same treatment. Valve covers were changed too. The exhaust tips were also modified and placed right behind the back wheels.

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I had the honor of taking a 1967 Pontiac GTO for a ride the other day. A very short ride but sweet nonetheless. The car is enormous but does not feel that way when driving. The steering is very soft and the 400 pulls. It’s fast! Very fast. You would not think this looking at it. The 4 speed shifts easily. The clutch is a stage 2 and is a bit heavy but it kicks! I was screeching the tires with every gear change. What a blast. The brakes have been converted to disks and the car stops very well which is reassuring given how well it accelerates. It’s going to be a long winter sigh…
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67 GTO - carcrazybiker

The show Nissan GT Academy is a great idea. It merges the virtual world of Sony’s Playstation Gran Turismo and the racetrack. The winners of the online competition get to finish the game in a real racecar on a real circuit. A dream come true for many! The challenges that the contestants are faced with are imaginative which makes the show interesting and lots of fun. If you are into videogames, cars and racing or any combination of one of these you are going to enjoy this. Makes me want to run out and buy a Nissan 370Z. Yes!

Update: Episode 6 season finale

Are you a fan of Batman? And if you are a fan, and a car guy, then you certainly have a favourite Batmobile.  Probably the most famous is the 60’s legendary Batmobile built by custom car builder George Barris. In 1989 a new Batmobile was created by Anton Furst for the Tim Burton movie. Depending on when you were a fan, you probably have a clear image of what Batman’s car looks like. Old or new? Whichever one you prefer, wouldn’t it be fun to watch them race? The vintage 66 up against the newer 1989?  Which one would win? Which car do you want to see win? I stumbled on a great video done by Super Power Beat Down that does just that. Race the two cars. So which car won? Check out the link below to find out.

Note: The cars used for this race were actually replicas of the original Hollywood creations built by Mark Towle. The 1989 car uses a Camaro front clip on a custom frame, air bag suspension with a 350 Chevy crate engine putting out about 285hp with a  top speed of 180 (11 sec ¼ mile ) . The 60’s car is built on a Corvette C4 platform, an L98 fuel injected motor putting out about 300hp with a top speed of 160 (10 sec ¼ mile).  

One last note. If you are a fan of the classic 60’s car, as I am, did you ever wonder what car George Barris’ Batmobile was based on?  If so see the link below: