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Chrysler really did a fantastic job in reincarnating the Challenger. The car has beautiful lines that seem like a natural progression of the old classic. Seeing it brings me back to the 70’s when these muscle cars ruled the streets and when cars did not all look the same. Driving it is smooth and powerful. The old cars that I drove did not handle like this. In the old days cars swayed, bounced and fishtailed. They creaked and cracked when going over bumps. Braking was awful. But this car is all about comfort. The leather seats were incredible. The dash is a pleasure to look at. The car is equipped with power everything. A real treat to drive. But tap the throttle, and yes I did!- and the car changes character in an instant. It launches so quickly you think you are in a rocket ship. Powered by a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 it produces 372 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque that just slams you into the seats. 5.6 sec 0-100km without even trying. What a great feeling. I can do this all day long.

2012 Dodge Challenger RT    CarCrazyBiker

2012 Dodge Challenger RT CarCrazyBiker


I want to thank my good buddy Frank, the proud owner of this work of art, for allowing me to drive it, and for showing me what it is capable of.

1963 Corvette. 327 under the hood that growls! The car is a resto mod. That being said it is not a numbers matching vehicle. The side pipes and hood scoop are from 67. The car does have 4 disc brakes, which may not be period correct but stop the car very well. When a stop sign is hidden behind the trees, it’s good to know that the car will stop rather than go through the intersection!  The car is very fast and having stopping power to match is very comforting. The car rides on low profile BFGoodrich g-Force super sport tires which enhances the handling.

Driving a car from 63 is exhilarating yet because of its age there is always something that needs attention. For example the car’s dome light stayed on and drained the battery. Is that a faulty wire in the ignition, or a light switch that needs to be changed? It is not too fun when the car does not start! So it is off to the mechanic to check this and a few other little problems.

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1963 Corvette

1963 Corvette

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