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In Quebec, April typically marks the start of motorcycle season. For many years now, what signals the beginning of bike season for me has been an event held in Laval at the end of April called the Classic bike and tattoo show! Every year I anxiously look forward to this show. It combines bikes, hot rods, tattoos and music. There is no better combination, they just go together. They always have and they always will! That’s just the way it is! And this is why this is a great fun show.   The entrance parking lot of the venue is reserved for bikes (weather permitting) so arriving there you are greeted by a sea of bikes. Already a welcoming sight. Once inside, you find a tattoo section, a custom bike section  and a hot rod section. Music is the back beat of the show. A DJ plays non stop everything from metal, classic rock, to rock and roll and rockabilly. You hear classics from Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Judist Priest, Metalica, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Zep, Deep Purple, Skynard, Stones, Elvis, Bill Haley, Brien Setzer and many more.  Notice how it’s always the heavier rebel/bad boy music that goes so well with V twins or V8s regardless from which era it is taken from.  No Justin Bieber here.

There is just so much going on that you have to go multiple times if you want to see everything. There are over 50 tattoo artists and tattoo competitions;  live bands, air brushing, body painting, and body piercing. There is a Harley Davidson dealer, bike parts and accessories and clothing. The now traditional sexy fashion show and let’s not forget alcohol. This year they have a live band tribute to metalica: Alcoholica and two rockabilly live bands: Straightpipes and Devil’s Hot Rod. Two more live bands on the second night: Texarillo and Mad Army. For more details check out there program: Classic Bike and Tattoo Show 2013.  I know that I’ll be there, taking some pics! One last thing. I will be adding more pics to this gallery between now and show time which is on April 19-20-21.

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