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Once again I had the pleasure to attend the Bike and Tattoo Show. As every year it is truly enjoyable and promises a good time. This year the show seemed more crowded. I believe it is gaining popularity as the years go by. There were some changes this year. The tattoo section was on the east arena and the bikes on the west side. It made things less crowded. The only downfall to this is that there is no more car section. The cars were scattered between the bikes. As a car guy I was a little disappointed but it is a bike and tattoo show, not a car show. I went on Saturday and got to see three great bands. Steve Hill started the evening with an incredible performance. He was followed by Eagle Tears. Close your eyes and you will swear that it’s 1970. A really great rock band that is really tight. The show closed with a tribute to Led Zeppelin who did an amazing job at sounding just like Zep. All in all it was a great show!!
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CarCrazyBiker Nick's Trike

CarCrazyBiker Nick’s Trike

Some video footage from the Show!