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This is a video compilation of some pictures previously featured on this site. I enjoy watching pictures set to music and making it like a video. For this clip, I choose a few of my favorite pictures and set them to music. I found the task quit hard since I like so many of the pics. I think it is probably because I like the cars and bikes so much that I do not really focus on the quality of the pic as much as the beauty of the car, or bike, or jet ski, or pretty much any motorized vehicle and even a hot girl on a bike!
Thanks for watching!



The even longer story:
I wanted to set my pics to music, but everytime I put music on Youtube I get a warning that I do not own the rights to it. So I used my own music. I came across an old 4 track casette of some music that I had recorded using a now vintage Fostex X-15. Trivia, the X-15 was the first affordable multi tracker of the day! Every musician in the mid 80’s had to have one. I have to admit, at the time it was brilliant. Today you can do more with Garage Band. The music on this video comes directly from the X-15, old analog technology!