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We recently had the misfortune of having to make an insurance claim on our car. My wife had a fender bender! Nothing serious, no one got hurt but both cars needed repair. When dealing with the insurance company however, some bad memories came back. Years ago, my wife and I got hit while stopped on the auto route. Traffic had come to a standstill, but a distracted driver, who may have been on her phone, didn’t even notice that everyone was stopped and drove into the car behind me, who in turn slammed into the left side of the rear bumper. Fortunately again, no one was injured. The three cars involved where not so lucky.
Back then, just like now, the insurance company suggested the garage that we were to take our car to have it repaired. They claimed that the repair would be done faster, better, and that the job would be guaranteed for the life of the vehicle. Needless to say I took their advice. The garage in question was in the industrial park close to our home. They did not even have a courtesy car to give us! They did however do a great job and I had the car back within a week. Or so it seemed…
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carcazybiker 1999 Toyota Corolla

Had the chance to photograph my friend’s 67 Pontiac GTO. The car just came out of the shop, having gone through some cool mods. First the dash was changed. All gauges were updated with autometer gauges. The dash itself was painted blue with a carbon fiber finish. The air intake got the same treatment. Valve covers were changed too. The exhaust tips were also modified and placed right behind the back wheels.

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