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Are you a fan of Batman? And if you are a fan, and a car guy, then you certainly have a favourite Batmobile.  Probably the most famous is the 60’s legendary Batmobile built by custom car builder George Barris. In 1989 a new Batmobile was created by Anton Furst for the Tim Burton movie. Depending on when you were a fan, you probably have a clear image of what Batman’s car looks like. Old or new? Whichever one you prefer, wouldn’t it be fun to watch them race? The vintage 66 up against the newer 1989?  Which one would win? Which car do you want to see win? I stumbled on a great video done by Super Power Beat Down that does just that. Race the two cars. So which car won? Check out the link below to find out.

Note: The cars used for this race were actually replicas of the original Hollywood creations built by Mark Towle. The 1989 car uses a Camaro front clip on a custom frame, air bag suspension with a 350 Chevy crate engine putting out about 285hp with a  top speed of 180 (11 sec ¼ mile ) . The 60’s car is built on a Corvette C4 platform, an L98 fuel injected motor putting out about 300hp with a top speed of 160 (10 sec ¼ mile).  

One last note. If you are a fan of the classic 60’s car, as I am, did you ever wonder what car George Barris’ Batmobile was based on?  If so see the link below: