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When I finally let go of my 1999 Toyota Corolla I wanted to document my impressions of the car. The good and bad. A real consumer’s report, where I was the consumer. Reviewing a car, that my wife and I purchased brand new from a Toyota dealership (Vimont Toyota in Laval Quebec Canada) in 1999. It was our primary car until about 2013/14 . At that point in time it became our secondary car. My son learned how to drive manual on it! And when I let it go, it was still running on the original clutch. I hope you enjoy the video!
Thanks for watching
major repairs: exhaust manifold was changed. (in the back of engine!)
throttle cable rusted and broke – the complete unit was changed
because the mechanic couldn’t reattach the new cable!
accident-ed twice: hit by the back while stopped because someone was too busy on their phone! seriously!!
and hit and run on front driver side fender- when a car turned too quickly into my street and slid into my car-pushing it up against the sidewalk with enough force to bend the rim on the passenger side wheel. (turned out that a witness saw the whole thing and identified the other driver as, are you ready for this? my neighbor!!