The now famous Tape Girls wearing electrical tape at the Bike and Tattoo show April 2017 in Laval Que.

Tape Girls 2

and the original

Tape Girls 1 Biker Girls wearing nothing but tape! Girls posing and having fun!

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When I finally let go of my 1999 Toyota Corolla I wanted to document my impressions of the car. The good and bad. A real consumer’s report, where I was the consumer. Reviewing a car, that my wife and I purchased brand new from a Toyota dealership (Vimont Toyota in Laval Quebec Canada) in 1999. It was our primary car until about 2013/14 . At that point in time it became our secondary car. My son learned how to drive manual on it! And when I let it go, it was still running on the original clutch. I hope you enjoy the video!
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major repairs: exhaust manifold was changed. (in the back of engine!)
throttle cable rusted and broke – the complete unit was changed
because the mechanic couldn’t reattach the new cable!
accident-ed twice: hit by the back while stopped because someone was too busy on their phone! seriously!!
and hit and run on front driver side fender- when a car turned too quickly into my street and slid into my car-pushing it up against the sidewalk with enough force to bend the rim on the passenger side wheel. (turned out that a witness saw the whole thing and identified the other driver as, are you ready for this? my neighbor!!


Once again we have reached that time of the year where the snow and ice melts and the days get warmer. With the coming of spring come the motorcycles! The Bike and tattoo show is a great place to check out and photograph some dream bikes. Judging by the number of photographers taking pics, I’d say I’m not the only one. There were plenty of live photo shoots taking place. There’s just so much going on that there is an overload of the senses! On the tattoo side, you hear that hum of the tattoo guns buzzing throughout the room. It is quite the sound! note:I have to admit that I challenge myself to use only natural light when taking pics. I did not take a single shot using a flash!!

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SpeedTrix Trike

SpeedTrix Trike

I’m a little late in publishing some of my pics from the 2016 Autorama car show. It’s been three years now that John Scotti and East Coast Carz put on an exceptional show at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. As usual the cars are all top notch works of art. This year I lucked out and received a free pass to the show. That put a huge smile on my face! I strongly suggest to anyone who has a love for classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, modified cars, etc… to attend this show, you won’t be disappointed!

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Autorama 2016

Autorama 2016